Brynne S

For Brynne, the best part about coordinating events is the fact that she gets to be creative, social, and meet a variety of interesting people. She has been a professional event coordinator since she was a teenager, and has always gotten a thrill out of executing a flawless event.

If she had to pick a team building activity she likes best, she would have to choose The Apprentice. Brynne loves that it’s more than just a fun time – it also helps to give back to local children in the community. The finished bicycles that groups create are always different, and she’s often surprised at how creative teams get with decorating and presenting them.

Outside of work, Brynne is also passionate about food, cooking, and travel. Whenever she gets the chance, she loves to visit new places and experience the local culture – especially the food. Having travelled to over half a dozen countries in recent years, she has become an expert at picking out great spots to visit. In her spare time, Brynne also enjoys going to the beach, taking long bike rides with friends, cooking creative dishes with her husband, and volunteering in her city.