Lyndon Friesen

Lyndon is the founder of Ignitor Leadership Training, and the lead facilitator on a variety of professional development programs. In the past, Lyndon has worked as a franchise owner, regional vice president, executive leader, and business entrepreneur. At every step of his career, Lyndon has recognized the importance of ongoing skill development and professional training for employees at all levels.

Lyndon believes effective training has three stages: first, by tailoring the program to make it as relevant as possible for participants. Second, including interactive elements so participants can practice the skills they learn. And third, including a post-training consultation to help ensure the training takes root with participants.

Lyndon’s passion for combining leadership, skills training, and successful business performance has been the underlying key to Ignitor Training’s success. His professional style and modern training methods come together to create effective solutions for teams ready to learn and develop.

Lyndon is also an avid hiker, mountain biker, and coffee enthusiast.